Box o' Natural Treasures

  • Box o' Natural Treasures
  • Box o' Natural Treasures

A curated selection of five natural specimens in labeled glass vials, all neatly lined up in a small, 5" x 5" wooden shadow box.

Your box will include a selection of 5 from the following possibilities:
Sea urchin spines, shed snake skin, butterfly wing, crab exoskeleton, llama fur, lemurian quartz, water caltrop, jewel beetle wing, satin spar, amethyst point, fluorite, crab claw, tourmaline, geode, shark tooth, pyrite, and others...
*Content type and size will vary. If ordering multiple boxes and do not want duplicate specimens, please leave a note at checkout*

These items are ethically sourced or found in nature and the displays are handmade - please excuse any of our imperfections!!

Lead time: 1 week